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so yeh, I'm a spy [Dec. 28th, 2007|12:02 pm]
Doctoral Psych Students' Dissertation Community


I have my life planned out before me but just haven't stepped in the right direction yet... lol. 

I still need to go to graduate school however I did an independent study as a undergrad that I'm stil working on. My IRB approval is about to run out.. I can renew it but the problem has been the stats of course. I'm not a stats magician... and my research is something I plan to take with me to grad school. 

My original plans were to aim for a PhD in Counseling Psychology however due to major and severe health problems/disability, my thoughts have wavered on this. It's still an option though somewhat more obscure and distant. The more rational goal is to get my MSW but you see, that's not the path I had planned out.. so I'm still working through the process of acceptance here. 

I have had many friends crawl, crimp, cry and finally finish their Dissertations and it has always been fun. I have attended one Masters defense and one Dissertation defense. I have read a few in the pre- finishing point and after... I find it quite stimulating and motivating... well.. that is for the inner psych nerd in me... 

My research is on Disability and Body Image... amazingly, there is little in this area... or in many area surrounding disability and psychology despite our (disabled community) ever growing mainstreamed integrate ADA society.. at least here in the US... at least ideally.... 

So with that... Ive been told my research should be carried on into my graduate studies and I hope to if Only i could clean it up now and get some stats done... but in the mean time.... I wouldn't mind hanging around here to spy on the die-hards and maybe gain some cerebral motivation and maybe even manage to contribute something to this place. 

yours truly,

the wanna be..