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Welcome! - Doctoral Psych Students' Dissertation Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Doctoral Psych Students' Dissertation Community

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Welcome! [Aug. 25th, 2006|06:32 pm]
Doctoral Psych Students' Dissertation Community


Hi, all. As I'm getting to work on my own dissertation, I'm finding that there is a community for masters-level theses, communities for dissertations in other subject areas (e.g., medieval studies) and general grad student communities...but I'm not finding any active communities for doctoral students working on their dissertations, psych or general. Hence, I just created this community. A few guidelines:

~ This is a community for people who are currently matriculated in a psychology doctoral program and are at any phase of their dissertation research, for the purpose of discussing what's going well and what isn't and for cheering each other through the good times (e.g., completing drafts, coming up with a significant finding, passing the proposal or dissertation defense or even just getting some work done!) and supporting each other through the struggles (e.g., procrastination or writer's block, dealing with difficult or absent chairs or committee members, research snags, balancing dissertation and internship/work and family life).

~ If you need to vent, consider making your entry friends-only, for privacy.

~ Please refrain from posting any confidential material in this community.

Anyway, let's introduce ourselves (and, hopefully, get down to work!). ;-D